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October 21st, 1996
Bret Hart to face Steve Austin at Survivor Series!

"Steve Austin, we'll see who kick whose ass at Madison Square Garden!"

The Hitman is back! After weeks of taunting by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret appeared on Monday Night Raw to say he is back and has his sights on one man!

Bret said he had decided "to accept the challenge of the best wrestler in the WWF today" which is surely a dig at Shawn Michaels, who is currently the WWF Champion. If the Hitman manages to beat Austin at Survivor Series, will we get to see the rematch between Bret and the Heartbreak Kid??

August 31st, 1996
Steve Austin calls out the Hitman??

"I want to issue a challenge to one Bret 'Hitman' Hart..."

King of the Ring winner Steve Austin was interviewed by Brian Pillman and has said he wanted to face Bret Hart! Does this mean the Hitman is coming back to the WWF?

As we know, Bret has been gone since losing to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII. He has been quiet, and rumours are flying everywhere about where, when (or if!) he will wrestle again. Stay tuned for more updates!