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So who is the dashing guy in the picture above?

Swashbuckling sleuth; seeker of the truth. Digger of dirt; defender of the red shirt. Voice of the voiceless. Conqueror of corruption. From the cleaner with the broom to the suit in the boardroom -- no one can evade my endless crusade.

The squares think I'm on their side, but to my fellow truth-seekers, do not be fooled by my elaborate act! I have infiltrated the deep abyss of these ruthless capitalists as an ordinary human clutching on to the tattered remains of the American Dream.

I ask you all, do you want to stay alive and stop being a sheep? Drink some coffee. Read my web page. Together, we can help you wake up from your sleep!

Johnny Cage

Hollywood movie star. Every one's seen at least one of his films. He was one of our top agents before he was killed during a martial arts tournament. You can read about it here.

Elwood Blues

Getaway driver. Wears sunglasses at night.

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